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Ken Watabe halts TV appearances prior to Roppongi toilet-sex report

Shukan Bunshun June 18

TOKYO (TR) – Comedian Ken Watabe, the husband of popular fashion model Nozomi Sasaki, earlier this week announced the suspension of his entertainment activities in advance of a report that outlines an extra-marital affair that included sexual activity inside public toilets.

On Tuesday, Watabe, one half of the comedy duo Unjash, announced that he was halting his appearances on eight television programs, including “King’s Brunch” on TBS and “Love Music” on Fuji Television.

When providing reason, Watabe, 47, was vague, only saying that he “didn’t want to make viewers uncomfortable with a scandal.”

However, have no fear, dear reader — details appear in the June 18 issue of Shukan Bunshun, which hit newsstands on Thursday.

Ken Watabe, left, and Nozomi Sasaki

According to the magazine, Watabe regularly had sex with a female office worker over an extended period, including inside public toilets in the Roppongi Hills complex in Minato Ward.

“Twice per week,” the woman was quoted by the magazine in referring to the frequency of the meet-ups.

“Sexual outlet”

In April, 2017, Watabe married Sasaki, who is 32. She gave birth to a boy in September of the following year. According to the woman, she met with Watabe about 30 times after he married Sasaki.

Before each Roppongi Hills session, he scouted the various toilets for underground parking in the building to find one with nobody around. “He would then write to me, ‘[Meet me] at such and such basement floor, I will come soon.'”

Each session would begin with him locking the door from the inside. After the first time, the toilets became their romping rooms.

Nozomi Sasaki

“He must have thought of me only as a ‘sexual outlet,'” she said. “I wanted him to treat me at least like a woman.”

Roppongi Hills management was equally disappointed.

“Multi-purpose toilets are in place for people with physical disabilities and other issues,” a representative of the complex was quoted by the magazine. [Sexual activity] is off limits and contrary to public order and morality. Security guards make patrols on a regular basis and, of course, take caution when they discover such behavior.”

Through his agency, Watabe apologized with a statement issued on Wednesday.

“I regret having a morally irresponsible relationship with the woman pointed out [in the article],” he said. “I deeply regret that it caused a great deal of inconvenience to everyone, including my family and those who supported me. I explained [the matter] to my wife and apologized. I’m really sorry.”

On Tuesday, Sasaki updated her Instagram account without mentioning Watabe. In the post, she mentioned a charity event involving department store chain Isetan.