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Tokyo cops: Chinese student illegally employed at ‘fashion health’ service

Sun Weiwei of Arcadia
Sun Weiwei of Arcadia

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a speciality sex service based in Itabashi Ward operated by a Chinese national for employing a foreign exchange student, reports TBS News (Mar. 23).

Between October and February, Sun Weiwei, the 38-year-old manager of Arcadia, employed a male Chinese national, 21, residing in Japan on a student visa. Three other male and female Chinese nationals were also arrested in the case.

Sun, who has been charged with violating the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, admits to the allegations.

Arcadia is a “fashion health” service, which typically means oral sex as administered by hostesses attired in uniforms.

The service has 100 women registered on its books. Police suspect that the parlor also employed these women while in Japan on short-term visas in violation of the same immigration law.

According to TV Asahi (Mar. 23), Arcadia catered to tourists from China and Mexican nationals and other foreigners in Japan. Over a nine-year period beginning in 2008, the service collected 500 million yen in revenue, police said.