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Scouts reveal trade secrets for recruiting housewives into the sex trade

Shukan Taishu Mar. 28
Shukan Taishu Mar. 28
Time for a quiz: You want to come on to a perfectly respectable looking married lady who you spot on your train. Which of the three places is most likely to elicit a favorable response? A) Aboard the train; B) on the platform; or C) at a public place outside the station area.

“If you’re going to approach a married woman, the important thing is not to scare her. So the right answer is B,” Kazuki Uesugi tells Shukan Taishu (Mar. 28).

“A would come across as recklessly impulsive, giving the impression of lacking common sense,” Uesugi points out, “And C might make the woman feel that she’s being stalked.”

Uesugi ought to know. As a 30-year veteran street scout, he’s recruited over 1,000 women into sex industry jobs — about 300 of whom were married at the time.

“Wives have concerns and curiosity, just like any other women, and there are methods for seducing them just like seducing anyone else,” Uesugi claims.

The key to determining which ones can be persuaded to sell their bodies for money is a fine art that requires a discerning eye and finely honed negotiating skills.

“Master the techniques,” says Uesugi, “and you’ll get a high percentage of the ones you approach to sign up and go to work.”

The first thing to understand, says Uesugi, is that you’re not going to find these ladies prowling the streets in adult entertainment zones.

“The places to go are on trains, 100-yen shops, DVD rental shops and other places where you’d expect ordinary housewives to be. They aren’t used to being propositioned, so to speak.”

Scout K’s mission impossible, if he chooses to accept, is to recruit housewives to appear in adult videos.

So video rental shops are actually a good place to hunt such women, K says, because one, the women who go there have time on their hands to watch movies, and two, because they’re seeking stimulation.

But the worst thing you can do is approach them with such worn-out pickup lines as “How about a cup of tea?” or “Would you like to be a model?” Instead you have to be creative.

The ice-breaker for K is “Eh? Aren’t you Yuki-chan?”

“She’ll reply, ‘I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else,’ and you reply, ‘Oh gosh, I’m sorry, you’re right. But you sure are pretty. Hey, what do you say you let me buy you a cuppa.'”

The response he wants to hear is, “You’re putting me on, right?” followed by a giggle. Then he knows she’ll talk to him.

Another scout, M, says he sizes up women by their type of attire. Those with garments that button in the front are usually guarded and wary, so it’s better to look for those in more casual gear such as trainers, t-shirts or garments that don’t have buttons.

“They don’t think they’ll be propositioned wearing such clothing, so if you come on to them they’ll be pleasantly surprised,” says M.

A woman’s method of makeup can also be a giveaway.

“There are lots of women who don’t get along that well with their husbands, and when they go out they’re almost hoping to find some action,” M continues. “One thing they are almost unaware of themselves is their lipstick. The ones who put on a high gloss are subconsciously craving male attention.”

Uesugi says one surefire way to reel them in is not to overdo it by talking too much.

“Married women love to listen to other people’s troubles or dalliances,” he warns. “But listening can be enough to relieve their stress, and there’s a strong chance just talking will satisfy them. Overdo the conversation and you’ll never hook them into a job.”

Source: “Yareru hitozuma no otoshika kenkyoku waza,” Shukan Taishu (Mar. 28, page 194)