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Questions arise after Anri Sakaguchi removes tweet about work at Shibuya hostess club

“Celebrity Maid Anri,” starring Anri Sakaguchi, will be released by label Moodyz on September 7

TOKYO (TR) – More trouble may be brewing for entertainer-turned-adult-video-star Anri Sakaguchi, 26, after a post on social media claiming she has taken up work at a hostess club in Shibuya Ward was removed.

According to a tweet by Sakaguchi on Sunday, she resigned from a high-end lounge in Roppongi and started work at Shibuya Seaside on Monday. “Please come and visit by all means,” she wrote.

According to the Shibuya Seaside web site, the rate for entry begins at 6,000 for the first 60 minutes. To select a particular girl, such as Sakaguchi, requires an outlay of an additional 3,000 yen.

An entertainment reporter tells Cyzo (Aug. 21) that the move is a bit puzzling. “Shibuya Seaside has a billboard in front of JR Shibuya Station near Shibuya 109,” says the reporter. “Considering it is part of a nationwide chain, this appears to be a drop in status from the lounge in Roppongi. It could be that they recruited her through a favorable offer, hoping to use her on a billboard.”

Further, Sakaguchi appeared to be doing well at her previous position.

On August 4, Sakaguchi revealed via Instragram that she was ranked as the number-one hostess at the lounge in Roppongi in July. “I persevered for one month in the world of the night while not making any private time for myself — living something of a daredevil existence,” she wrote. “Thank you so much. I will do my best in August!” Four days later, she thanked management and ownership of the club for free-flowing champagne, referring to them as “family.”

The real signs of problems, according to the aforementioned reporter, are that the tweet made by Sakaguchi on Sunday was later deleted and the web site for the Shibuya Seaside has not been updated to include her information. “It seems there is some kind of trouble lurking beneath the surface,” says the reporter.

AV debut last year

For Sakaguchi, a Tokyo native who made her debut in show business in 2008, the past year has been eventful.

In October of last year, she made her adult video debut for label Muteki. At the time, speculation emerged about whether the reason for the career change was due to accumulated debt at host clubs.

This past June, prosecutors dropped a case against Sakaguchi in which she was alleged to have demanded payment of about 30,000 yen in cash from a bar host in Shinjuku Ward in April in return for her not distributing a photograph. No reason was provided for her non-prosecution.

“Tough to imagine”

If Sakaguchi does indeed begin serving at Shibuya Seaside, fans will have easy access to her, says the aforementioned reporter. “But celebrities who work at hostess clubs or fuzoku [commercial sex] parlors almost always quit soon,” says the source. “Given the behavior of the press, it is tough to imagine that Sakaguchi will last at a parlor in front of JR Shibuya Station either.”