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Frisky female GSDF soldier goes AV-WOL

Friday April 3
Friday April 3

The young woman in question, name not given, is 22 years old. Until earlier this month she apparently belonged to a communications detachment in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force assigned to a military facility in northeast Japan.

But that was before March 9, when she appeared in an adult video (AV) atop a futon, dressed to appear like a schoolgirl in a miniskirt and loose socks. The video was distributed via an adult pay site on the Internet.

It appears to have been shot around January.

“Actually this was not her first AV,” a source in the video industry tells Friday (Mar. 26). “She’d appeared under different names in at least five previous AV productions.

“She nonchalantly discussed training activities in her otherwise all-male unit, which included ‘crawling on her stomach with a wireless transceiver on her back.’ Her male counterpart in one of the films said the muscle tone in her legs and rump was quite a bit firmer than ordinary AV actresses,” he adds.

Japan’s Self Defense Force is composed of some 250,000 personnel, whose services cost the taxpayers about 4.7 trillion yen per year. But the appeal of a military career was apparently not enough to prevent this particular member of the GSDF from rolling over to the private sector.

The woman responsible for the controversy appears fully undraped, in the arms of her co-star. And she’s endowed with a 95cm bustline, ranking her as an F-cup. A quote accompanying the nude still from the video notes that while shooting on the set, she willingly obliged when the director made increasingly outrageous demands.

That said, Friday notes the military’s wounded pride might not be the sole issue at hand. By accepting remuneration for her performance, the female service member may be in violation of Article 60 of Japan’s Public Service Regulations, which stipulate that civil servants are obliged to devote exclusive attention to their duty, discouraging moonlighting.

Debate is also raging as to whether Article 58, which requires public workers to “maintain dignity,” was also violated.

In any event, the actress resigned from her commission on March 9, the same day the film was posted for downloading on the Web.

“She resigned at her own behest,” a spokesperson for the Defense Ministry emphasized. “There was no connection with that and her appearance in the video.” But Friday remains unconvinced.

Source: “Gen’eki josei rikujo jieikan ga ‘AV enshutsu! de dai sodo,” Friday (Apr. 3, page 82)