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Chilling out with stories of spooky sex

Shukan Taishu Sep. 7
Shukan Taishu Sep. 7

Mayumi, age 28, is currently employed at a Tokyo sex shop. Several years ago, however, she starred in adult video productions.

She was in the process of shooting an outdoor night scene on an isolated section of the seacoast in Kanagawa Prefecture. The scene called for her to slip off her step-ins, pull up her skirt and have her posterior penetrated as she bent over the railing atop a cliff overlooking the ocean.

The cameras were rolling away and male lead was banging her from behind when Mayumi happened to glance down on the rocks about 10 meters below.

“Looking down, I noticed something white,” she tells Shukan Taishu (Sep. 7) in a hushed whisper. “It was a girl dressed in white.”

“Hold it, hold it!” Mayumi exclaimed to her co-star. “It looks like somebody’s down there.”

With his pecker still poked into Mayumi’s honey pot he peered over her shoulder and took a peek.

“At that moment, the girl, who had been looking away, turned towards us, and we could see her face was covered with blood,” she shivers.

The male lead gave out a terrified yelp, pulled out and fled in panic, leaving the camera focused on Mayumi’s bare cheeks.

“The director ran up and asked me, ‘What on earth happened?’ and I pointed to the rocks below. But when he looked, nobody was there!”

Strangely, while the film was being edited, some indistinct white object could be seen in some of the frames. The whole section wound up getting cut from the movie; but whenever Mayumi recalls her experience she still gets chills down her spine.

Shukan Taishu delves further into demonic depravity, wondering if such a thing as a haunted soapland can exist. The rag relates the story of a traveling salesman named Ryota who visited a shop in Kansai three years ago.

“While seated in the waiting room, I was greeted by a lovely woman of about 30,” he says. “The skin of her décolleté was so white I could see the veins.

“She beckoned me to follow her downstairs, and in the room started giving me a scrubdown. Then on the air mattress she let me have a mimizu senbon (1,000 worms) treatment,” he recalls, using the term that describes a woman who is able to supply exquisite sensations while tightening her vaginal sphincter around a penetrating penis. “I didn’t have to do anything but stick it in.”

As Ryota ejaculated, she spasmed, emitting moans of pleasure.

Ryota then made his way back to the waiting room, where the shop’s manager asked him, “Sir, where did you go just now? The girl is ready for you.”

“Huh? But I’m already finished,” he replied.

“Which girl took care of you?” the manager asked.

“It was Kana-chan.”

The manager first appeared startled. Then recovering his composure he smiled and said, “Well then, thanks so much for your patronage.”

“At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on,” Ryota relates. “But as I walked out of the shop, I saw there was only the upper floor, and nothing downstairs.

“I think I may have had sex with a spirit from the nether world,” he shudders.

Source: “Honto ni atta ‘ero kowai hanashi,'” Shukan Taishu (Sep. 7, page 194)