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AV starlet Akiho Yoshizawa raises awareness about spread of HIV/AIDS

SAGA (TR) – Popular adult video (AV) Akiho Yoshizawa appeared last week at a discussion to raise awareness about the spread of the sexually transmitted disease AIDS, reports the Saga Shimbun (May 27).

On May 26, Yoshizawa appeared on stage with experts in the field at Saga University Nabeshima Campus for the “4th AIDS Culture Forum in Saga.” The event encouraged the undertaking of preventative measures to reduce the spread of HIV, which causes AIDS, including undergoing a no-charge examination at a clinic.

“The examination takes about 5 minutes,” said Yoshizawa before the roughly 300 persons in attendance. “To prevent AIDS, use a condom. Keep in mind, this does not negatively impact affection with your partner.”

Akiho Yoshizawa
Akiho Yoshizawa stars as a seductive office lady in a web-only film scheduled to be released by AV label Maxing in July
The actress, who made her AV debut for label Alice Japan in 2003, added that she is tested every month.

Japan experienced a steady increase in new HIV infections through 2008. However, the figure has held steady at around 1,000 since then, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

In 2016, the ministry reported that a total of 1,011 people became infected with HIV in 2016. Of those persons, 735 (or 73 percent) contracted the virus through homosexual intercourse.

That same year, 437 people developed AIDS, with many of them being in their 30s. About 30 percent of the patients were aged in their 50s or older, accoring to the data.

“The risk of contraction increases with sexual activity, making an examination, as well as public awareness and training, necessary,” said doctor Soichiro Takahama of the Kyushu Medical Center.