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AV star Sayaka Miyabi shines in Thailand

Sayaka Miyabi

Japan’s Newspaper Communication Research Institute recently conducted surveys within six countries to determine who are the most recognizable Japanese people overseas.

For 563 people queried in Thailand, adult video (AV) star Sayaka Miyabi ranked sixth, ahead of the Emperor (8th) and soccer player Keisuke Honda (10th).

Puzzled with the results, evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai (April 3) attempts to understand the reason for the popularity of the 22-year-old in the Land of Smiles.

An AV production company employee tells the newspaper that, first off, she is a talented actress.

“Although before shooting she’ll casually chat with the staff members, it is during sex that she flips a switch and enters ‘real woman’ mode,” says the employee of Miyabi, who made her AV debut last year with label S1.

With an F-cup chest and slender, 164-centimeter frame, the employee adds that her knock-out body and mannerisms combine to deliver an “unbelievable” level of eroticism: “There is a large difference in how she behaves and (what might be expected for) how she looks.”

But those characteristics do not necessarily translate into success in Thailand for Miyabi, who has never visited the country. The president of the starlet’s agency says that her ability to speak English may be a factor.

“On an AV site, she appeared in a video intended for a foreign audience by answering questions in English,” says the president. “Since she graduated from a junior college after studying English literature, she has no problems with English conversation.”

Nikkan Gendai speculates that Miyabi could be following in the footsteps of Sola Aoi, the 31-year-old former actress who is incredibly popular in China. Aoi finished second in the survey results for China, one place ahead of former singer and actress Momoe Yamaguchi.

The president concedes that he does not know the exact reason for Miyabi’s fame in Thailand, and can only assume it was something that caught fire through the Internet.

“She might have the kind of face that Thai people like,” offers the president. 

Source: “Tai de ‘shitte iru nihonjin’ 6-i ni AV joyu Masa Sayaka no naze,” Nikkan Gendai (April 3)