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AV makers provide stiff competition to market for masturbation products

Kusho Banka (Spa!)
Kusho Banka (Zakzak)
Tenga is Japan’s most widely known maker of palm-size, self-pleasuring pods for men. But, reports entertainment site Zakzak, products from up-and-coming firms are providing stiff competition within the masturbation market.

Kenichiro Tokugawa is the manager of adult goods shop Hot Powers, which is located in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward. Known as the “masturbation maestro,” Tokugawa says that adult video (AV) companies are increasingly crafting their own very special hand-held products to compete with Tenga.

“They decided to make their own goods fashioned after the genitalia of new actresses, while established companies are using anime motifs to appeal to otaku types,” says Tokugawa.

The Sujiman Kupaa, which is shaped for those with a lolicon fetish, ranked at the top of the adult goods section of last year. Since last May, manufacturer Magic Eyes has shipped 100,000 units of the product, whose box features a cartoon of a big-eyed maiden whose underwear has been pulled down to her thighs.

“This year, its domination will continue, with knock-offs to follow,” Tokugawa says.

The firms are attempting to outdo one another in quality while leaving prices in a range that is affordable, generally between 1,000 and 7,000 yen.

For tenderness, one might choose the Kusho Banka, but if flexibility is important the Cyclone 50, which is a small machine offering 10 different speeds, should do the trick. For AV enthusiasts, there are a number of products that replicate the nether areas of famed “mature” actresses, such as Chisato Shoda.

Tokugawa tells Zakzak that products targeting lolicon fetishists will do well again this year, and so will fancier items that connect to a personal computer via a USB port, ostensibly to assist the user in artificially experiencing the erotic action taking place on the screen.

“The road to pleasure is an evolution,” says Tokugawa. “When it comes to a man’s manhood, each person has his own preferences and perceptions. But with the items being so reasonable customers are bound to find something suitable.”

Source: “Onaho ha Tenga dake janai! Sujiman ga gyokai sekken,” Zakzak (Web)