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AV maker uses social media to allow fans to fulfill erotic fantasies

Shukan Post Sep. 9
Shukan Post Sep. 9

Who says Twitter is a waste of time? Japan’s top adult video (AV) maker is now being assisted by various social media platforms to solicit desired delusions from fans for upcoming porn productions, reports Shukan Post (Sep. 9).

Starting on August 14, maker Soft on Demand (SOD) began promoting the following slogan on its Web site: “SOD wants to buy your wild fantasies!”

A cash prize of 100,000 yen will be paid for ideas — submitted by email or post at the company’s headquarters in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward — that are suitably illicit for filming. Should that work then develop into a full-blown series of porn pictures, an additional 100,000 yen will be provided for each subsequent work.

“It’s not even been a week and we have been overjoyed by the response,” the head of planning at SOD tells Shukan Post. “That is probably because the word has been spreading rapidly around Twitter.”

The SOD representative goes adds that the company has received nearly 100 concepts thus far, with “sex in zero gravity in outer space” being one of the more unique entries.

Fans also are showing an interest in performing. “There was an AV maker seeking virgin performers that announced on their site that they are recruiting ‘first-time amateurs,'” says an AV industry employee. “Over a short period, they received 300 inquiries.

“Recently, young men have been derided for being ‘herbivorous,'” continues the employee. “The reality is that they are not associating with women as much. Therefore, they have a strong desire for AV.”

SOD promoted a similar campaign five years ago. Popular results included requests for settings in everyday situations at the office, gym class, or funerals in which the female participants are half naked. That campaign spawned “Upper Half, Lower Half: The World of 35 Half Nude Women” and the series of “Half Nude” titles.

What’s the difference this time?

“This time we are getting a lot of submissions from college kids and young men in their 20s,” says the SOD representative. “For the upper part of that age range, they prefer films featuring married and mature women. For the lower part, they want really innovative stuff.”

SOD says that Twitter and other social-networking sites have been a driving force in the reception of ideas from young people. “Through this, I am able to analyze their changing views on AV,” the SOD representative says.

Source: “SOD no AV gensaku boshu ni wakamono tasu ‘SNS fukyu ga haikei’ to tantosha bunseki,” Shukan Post (Sep. 9)