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AV actress Kirari Hoshizora to serve as prostitute in Taiwan: report

AV actress Kirari Hoshizora is reportedly serving as a prostitute in Taiwan between March 14 and 16
AV actress Kirari Hoshizora (above) is reportedly serving as a prostitute in Taiwan between March 14 and 16

TAIWAN (TR) – With Japan’s adult video (AV) market maintaining a downward trajectory over the past few years, many actresses, such as Sola Aoi, have turned to China and Taiwan to expand their careers.

It is then not such a surprise to learn that popular actress Kirari Hoshizora will serve as a prostitute during an event in Taipei over a three-day period beginning on March 14, as reported in the March 8 issue of Liberty Times, Taiwan’s leading daily.

According to the report, the fee for full sex with Hoshizora runs 75,000 Taiwan dollars (around 277,500 yen) for a 90-minute session. For punters willing to settle for only a blow-job, the price is 25,000 Taiwan dollars less.

To convince any doubters about whether it is indeed Hoshizora performing the services, the promoter for the event indicated that she is “assuredly the person herself,” the report said. For her efforts, the actress will receive a mere 20,000 Taiwan dollars (74,000 yen) per pop.

Hoshizora made her debut as Mashiro Yuna in 2013. Since changing her name in February of last year, she has appeared in about 40 films, many of which highlight her large chest in roles in which she portrays a young girl with much older lovers.

This is not the first instance of an AV actress working as a prostitute in Taiwan. The same paper reported in its September 18 issue last year that Arisa Fujii engaged in a similar endeavor.

Even with this as a precedent, the legal ramifications of the event are not clear given that prostitution is banned in Taiwan. (The promoter promised that no arrest by police would take place, the report said.) In 2011, an act was amended to allow for special sex trade zones to exist. But municipalities have not been eager to demarcate such zones over fears about a surge in crime and falling real estate prices.

Regardless, men in Taiwan appear ready. According to online magazine Cyzo, many took to the internet to express that they are willing to take the plunge, this despite Hoshizora’s asking price exceeding the average monthly salary of a male office worker. “The highly skilled AV techniques of [Japanese actresses] are savored in Taiwan,” wrote one netizen. “I’ll pay 80,000 Taiwan dollars to give it a go.”