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AV actress Anri Sakaguchi announces retirement from show business, to focus on being hostess

By King: Celebrity Anri
Anri Sakaguchi made her debut for label Moodyz in February with “By King: Celebrity Anri”

TOKYO (TR) – Entertainer-turned-adult-video-star Anri Sakaguchi, 26, has revealed that she is retiring from the entertainment industry to focus on being a nightclub hostess, according to Daily Sports (Sept. 30).

On September 29, Sakaguchi took to Twitter and Instagram to announce that she was ending her career in the entertainment industry. “I want to return to being a normal girl,” she wrote in explaining her decision. “From the age of 15 or 16 to 26, I was in the entertainment world — so I have already done it. I have no regrets.”

Sakaguchi, a Tokyo native, is the daughter of popular actress Ryoko Sakaguchi. She began appearing in a number of television series after entering the entertainment business in 2008.

“I enjoyed happy things, but I was crying a lot, and it was hard,” Sakaguchi added. “I’d like to do my best as a hostess, and I hope to have a wonderful person appear in my life and get married.”

AV debut

For Sakaguchi, the past year has been eventful. In October of last year, she made her adult video debut for label Muteki. She has since appeared in a number of titles, including “Promiscuous Anri,” which was released by Moodyz in June of this year.

At the time of her debut, speculation emerged about whether the reason for the career change was due to accumulated debt at host clubs. This past June, prosecutors dropped a case against Sakaguchi in which she was alleged to have demanded payment of about 30,000 yen in cash from a host in Shinjuku Ward in April in return for her not distributing a photograph.

On August 4, Sakaguchi revealed via Instragram that she was ranked as the number-one hostess at the lounge in Roppongi for the month of July. She later revealed that she was moving from the Roppongi club to another club in Shibuya.