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Yakuza among 8 suspects in Ueno gold heist

Kosuke Shinagawa
Kosuke Shinagawa of the Inagawa-kai

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police are searching have arrested eight persons, including an organized crime member, in the robbery of gold valued at nearly 100 million yen from a shop in Taito Ward earlier this year, reports NHK (Nov. 22).

In April, four persons attacked two employees outside the shop, located in the Ueno district, and stole a bag containing 20 gold bars valued at around 90 million yen. As the suspects fled the scene, the bag was dropped nearby with the bars still inside.

Police arrested Kosuke Shinagawa, a 37-year-old member of the Inagawa-kai, who is believed to have ordered the attack. Seven other persons have been arrested in the case, police said.

According to police, an examination of security camera footage showed the suspects scouting out the area around the shop prior the crime.

None of the suspects has commented on the allegations, which has proved to be problematic for the investigation, police said.

Just before the incident, the two employees of the shop were hailing a taxi on a road to deliver the bars, weighing one kilogram each, to a customer. One of the suspects then came up from behind them and performed a drop-kick. One suspect then grabbed the bag and all four took off running.

The person carrying the bag dropped it about 20 meters from the store. It was then recovered by one of the employees.