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Tokyo cops raid yakuza HQ in fraud investigation

in Osaka City
Police raided the headquarters of the Nakajima-gumi in Osaka City on Wednesday (Twitter)

OSAKA (TR) – As a part of an investigation into a large fraud ring, law enforcement divisions from multiple jurisdictions, including Tokyo, raided an office of an organized crime group affiliated with the Yamaguchi-gumi in Osaka City on Wednesday, reports the Sankei Shimbun (June 6).

Police entered the office of the Nakajima-gumi, located in Yodogawa Ward, in search of evidence connected with the alleged swindle of an 80-year-old woman from Saitama Prefecture last year.

In December, five members of the ring, including Fumiya Akaza and Takuma Yoshida, both 27, worked together in conning the woman into handing over three bank cards and 7 million yen. An additional 2 million yen was taken from her accounts with the cards, according to police.

Prior to the incident, the woman was falsely told by someone posing as staff member of the Financial Services Agency that her bank cards needed to be reissued.

Upon being arrested last month, Akaza declined to comment on the allegations while Yoshida admitted to the charges.

Police also raided three locations in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture that are connected to the ring. Officers have as well arrested an additional 12 persons in the case.

The ring is believed to have used similar means to swindle persons out of around 4 billion yen. Police raided the office since it is suspected that a portion of the funds obtained through the fraud went to a upper-level member of the Nakajima-gumi.