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Japan times: Cut-up cops send sword-wielding slimeball to jail

Shukan Jitsuwa Dec. 8
Shukan Jitsuwa Dec. 8
At the age of 20, pachinko shop employee Munemitsu Takahashi (a pseudonym) decided to quit his job. By age 28, he had not worked for eight years.

One of the ways Takahashi supported himself, reports Shukan Jitsuwa (Dec. 8), was to befriend females via the Internet and, while feigning to be the president of a real estate firm, find creative ways to swindle them.

One of Takahashi’s victims was a 28-year-old woman we’ll call Reiko. The magazine describes the tale you are about to read as resembling “the scenario of a low-budget horror film.” Read on.

The sly Takahashi, who lived in a part of Japan relatively far from where Reiko resided, managed to keep his hooks in her for seven years. At one point in their relationship, when Takahashi was age 24, he was sentenced to a prison term. Before going behind bars he sent her an email.

“I have decided to undergo an operation,” he wrote. “It might be some time before I can write to you again — maybe even a year or longer. Please wait for me.”

She did. After he was released from the hoosegow, he badgered her for funds to help pay his “medical bills.” “I’m going to rebuild my company,” he vowed. He also persuaded Reiko to issue him a cash card that would access her bank account and regularly helped himself to her money.

Soon, however, Reiko was heavily in debt.

“Why don’t you take a job in the sex industry?” Takahashi slimily suggested. She did, and continued to send him funds. Meanwhile he went online and found himself a new sweet patootie, a randy 20-year-old gal named Miwa.

Before long, Takahashi and Miwa were going at it like a pair of sex-crazed monkeys, sometimes getting it on 10 times a day. But Miwa began to feel discomfort down there; her physician informed her she had contracted genital herpes.

“The doc advised me to lay off sex for a while…” she shyly informed Takahashi.

“But it will be my birthday soon,” he whined in protest. “Won’t we be able to celebrate? Tell you what: let me bang you in the butt.”

“No way — that’ll hurt!” she replied.

Infuriated at her refusal, Takahashi went on a rampage, pounding Miwa’s head against the wall several times. He then unsheathed a Japanese sword, which he brandished before her eyes.

“I’ve killed people before,” he told her menacingly. “I can get a yakuza to take out everybody you know!”

Trembling before the bare blade, Miwa submitted to him successively, first in her rear orifice and then in the front.

Meanwhile Reiko had contracted a social disease while working at a sex shop. About to hit rock bottom, she decided to pay a call on Takahashi and try to recover some of the money she’d given him.

Takahashi responded by whipping out his sword and raping Reiko as well. He was further infuriated because when Miwa found out about Reiko, she fled and pondered filing criminal charges for assault.

“Go and tell the bitch that you’re my older sister, and that I’m dying of terminal cancer,” Takahashi ordered to Reiko.

Depressed over the lack of female companionship, Takahashi went back online and had soon recruited a 19-year-old, who he lured to his house. In addition to raping her, he handcuffed and beat her, fracturing her cheekbone.

A neighbor, hearing the girl’s screams, summoned the police.

Hearing the police arrive, Takahashi quickly strangled the girl into unconsciousness and squeezed her into the pantry space under the kitchen floor. He then nonchalantly admitted the two patrolmen, who were demanding a look-see. A keen-eyed cop noticed the kitchen floorboard was askew, and pulling it open was astonished to see a bashed-up girl inside, naked but for her panties.

But before they could take action Takahashi went on a rampage, pulling out his sword and slashing the two cops, causing serious wounds to their legs. After their “officer down” call went out, six additional cops finally managed to restrain him. He was charged with aggravated rape of four women and attempted murder. Score one for the good guys. (K.S.)

Source: “Keisatsu hachinin to shitou wo enjita Nipponto-otoko,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Dec. 8, page 181)

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