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Yakuza accused of fatally beating visitor to Hanazono Shrine festival

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested three members of a criminal syndicate over the alleged fatal beating of a man in Shinjuku Ward last year, reports TBS News (Aug. 20).

Last November, Satoru Ishikawa, a 33-year-old member of the Sumiyoshi-kai, and the two accomplices are alleged to have beaten Mikihiko Ando, then 41, over the length of his body inside a residence.

The suspects took Ando to a hospital where he was confirmed dead the next day, police said.

The Asakusa Police Station did not reveal whether the suspects admit to allegations of manslaughter.

Satoru Ishikawa (Twitter)

Prior to the incident, Ando, an employee in the construction industry, was drinking at a festival at Hanazono Shrine with the suspects and other gang members. The suspects then took him to the residence, police said.

Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the incident,
including whether the suspects got into a dispute with Ando before arriving at the residence.