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Tokyo: Barefoot fraud suspect gives police slip at Ota residence

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police are hunting for a man who fled officers when they arrived at his residence in Ota Ward to arrest him on suspicion of fraud, reports NHK (Mar. 19).

On Wednesday morning, Shunsuke Amamoto, of no known occupation, fled via the balcony of his residence in the Nishikamata upon the arrival of officers.

Amamoto is believed to be a member of a tokushu sagi fraud ring, whereby victims are targeted over the telephone. In the ring, the suspect serves as the head of collections.

Shunsuke Amamoto (Twitter)

Police had obtained a warrant for his arrest over the alleged swindle of a bank card belonging to a woman in her 80s living in Machida City on February 12.

The card was then used to withdraw 1.8 million yen from her account, the Machida Police Station said.

Upon the arrival of police, the front door was locked. As officers worked to open it, he fled out through the balcony.

At the time of his escape, Amamoto was barefoot and wearing glasses and a white t-shirt. Standing around 175 centimeters tall, he has a slender build.

In a photograph released by police, he is shown with medium-length hair closely cropped on the sides.

Persons with information on the case are advised to call the Machida Police Station at 042-722-0110.