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Tokyo: Ad exec. nabbed over alleged attempted rape of woman

TOKYO  (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 37-year-old advertising executive over the alleged attempted rape of a woman at his residence in Shinjuku Ward earlier this year.

According to weekly tabloid Nikkan Gendai (Dec. 3), Koichi Karibe, the representative director of F.LIGHT, denied the allegations upon his arrest on suspicion of attempted quasi-coerced intercourse late last month.

“I brought maybe 10 women I met via matchmaking applications to my residence over a month,” the suspect told the Shinjuku Police Station. “I do not recall [the matter].”

According to the tabloid, Karibe took one such woman, aged in her 20s, to an izakaya restaurant on April 7.  “Why don’t we go for a drink at my place?” he later asked her.

Koichi Karibe (Twitter)

“She was hesitant to go to his residence since it was their first meeting,” an investigative source tells the tabloid. “They then went to a liquor store and bought a large amount of drinks. He handed her a bag.”

He then asked her to hold it.

“Since she couldn’t leave the bag, she could help but following him into his residence. This was his strategy to prevent her from returning at the outset,” the investigative source continued.

Peeled off her coat

Once inside, he attacked her, according to the paper. After jumping atop her on the floor, he peeled off her coat and grabbed at her chest. When he attempted to have sex with her, she vehemently resisted. Then, when he became distracted, she fled.

At some point after the incident, Karibe moved to another residence in Setagaya Ward. Prior to his arrest, police searched that residence and discovered illegal drugs.

Karibe founded F.LIGHT eight years ago. On the company’s  web site, he discusses his drinking habit. “I’m scared of alcohol,” he wrote. “I want to quit…One of the reasons for reducing [my attendance] at drinking parties is my drinking habit.”