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Suspected shoplifter leads police to corpse of mother

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police discovered the corpse of the mother of a suspected shoplifter in their Tama City residence on Tuesday, reports the Sankei Shimbun (July 29).

On July 25, police arrested Hiroshi Ono, of no known occupation, for allegedly shoplifting a toy from a shopping center. During questioning, the suspect said he planned to sell the item.

The Tama-Chuo Police Station released Ono, 60, from custody two days later so that he could take care of his mother, aged in her 90s, who suffers from dementia.

A corpse was found in a residence in Tama City on Tuesday (Twitter)

Ono lives with his mother and aunt. On Tuesday morning, officers entered the residence and found the corpse of his mother packed inside a plastic bag atop a bed in the living room.

Ono told police that his mother died around March 5. Upon his arrest on suspicion of abandoning a corpse, the suspect admitted to the allegations. “I didn’t have money for a funeral,” he was quoted.

When officers arrived at the residence, Ono was out. However, police later located him at a game center.