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Stabbing of man by Kabukicho hostess live-streamed on internet

Natsuko Arai works under the name Ichigo Amai (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – A popular bar hostess has been accused of stabbing of a male acquaintance in an incident whose sound was live-streamed on the internet, police have revealed, reports TBS News (June 25).

At just before 3:00 a.m. on June 25, hostess Natsuko Arai, 34, allegedly used a knife to stab the acquaintance, 31, in the back inside a residence in Shinjuku Ward.

The victim suffered injuries that will require 10 days to heal, police said.

The incident took place during a mediation between Arai, the acquaintance and his girlfriend, with whom he was allegedly unfaithful.

Upon her arrest on suspicion of attempted murder later that same day, Arai said, “I intended to kill. My friend contemplated suicide. [His actions] were unforgiveable.”

Police accused Natsuko Arai of attempted murder on June 25 (Twitter)

“I’ll kill you!”

Arai works at a club in the Kabukicho red-light district under the name Ichigo Amai. The suspect, who lists her age as 21, introduced the victim to his girlfriend.

During the meeting before the incident, a quarrel broke out. After the stabbing, the victim made a run for the balcony.

Arai pursued, wielding the knife wildly as she smashed a window on the balcony.

The friend of Arai streamed about 45 minutes of audio from the incident. At one point, the voice of Arai appears to shout, “I’ll kill you! You die real quick.”

Other voices can be heard seemingly calling Arai by her working name. “Ichigo, stop!” one voice shouts.