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Police investigating attempted murder of boy find mother, grandmother dead, father with throat slit

NIIGATA (TR) – Niigata Prefectural Police suspect a man and his wife attempted to kill their son in Nagaoka City on Tuesday before she and her mother were found dead and the father attempted suicide, reports NHK (Oct. 8).

At around 6:00 a.m., Osamu Kanaizumi, 51, and his wife, Sanae, allegedly used unspecified means to try to kill their son at their residence, located in the Nakanoshima area.

After the boy placed a distress call, police and emergency personnel arriving at the residence found Sanae, also 51, and her mother, 80-year-old Fumiko, dead atop a bed.

Niigata police found two persons dead inside a Nagaoka City residence on Wednesday (NHK)

Police also found Osamu with his throat and wrists slashed. Upon being
transported to a hospital, he admitted to allegations of attempted murder. “My wife and I tried to kill our son,” he reportedly said.

All four persons lived in the residence. The boy was unharmed. “My parents attacked me while I was sleeping,” the boy said. “Since I was about to be killed, I ran away.”

Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the two deaths
in the case, which is being treated as murder-suicide.