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Police arrest man for intentionally slamming into women at railway station

TOKYO (TR) – Two years ago, Twitter in Japan was set abuzz over a video that showed a man intentionally bumping into women inside a railway station.

In the clip (see below), the man, wearing a backpack, walks through a crowded JR Shinjuku Station and intentionally bumps into four women — sometimes forcefully, other times not — with his elbows and shoulders.

East Japan Railway Co. responded by upping patrols inside the station.

Well, reports Fuji News Network (July 10), law enforcement has apprehended the suspected perpetrator in a another similar case.

According to the Kamata Police Station, Daisuke Nagata, a 45-year-old temporary employee, used his arms and elbows to slam into six women, including a 19-year-old, at Keikyu-Kamata Station in Ota Ward on four days between June 12 and July 8.

Police allege that Nagata carried out the acts for the purpose of touching the chests of the women.

Daisuke Nagata (Twitter)

Upon his arrest on suspicion of assault last week, Nagata denied the allegations
The suspect told police, “When I got off a train once, my arm happened to hit a woman’s chest and it felt good. So I thought about how to do the same without being accused. I’ve done this dozen times.”

However, he added, “I thought it was embarrassing so I quit in May.”

”Tackle Man”

After the aforementioned video was posted on Twitter in 2018, the perpetrator became known online as “Tackle Man.” Women then came forward to convey their stories about being targeted in similar cases.

Last year, police arrested a 49-year-old man who admitted to slamming into women that walk and use smartphones. He was later not prosecuted in the case.

Police are continuing to investigate Nagata to determine if he was behind other crimes.