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Olympic Games staffer from Uzbekistan accused of raping woman inside National Stadium

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a part-time Olympic Games staff member from Uzbekistan over the alleged rape of a woman inside the Japan National Stadium, reports TBS News (July 18).

On Friday night, Davronbek Rahmatullayev, a 30-year-old university student, is alleged to have sexually assaulted the woman, aged in her 20s, on the grounds of the stadium in Shinjuku Ward.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of coerced intercourse, Rahmatullayev denied the allegations. “[She] did not dislike [the act],” he said.

Rahmatullayev (Twitter)

According to police, the victim is also a part-time staff member for the Olympic Games. She and Rahmatullayev met on the day of the alleged crime.

Before the incident, the pair was watching the rehearsal for the Closing Ceremony from seats in the stadium, which was restructured to staff members.

The crime took place after many other members of the audience had exited.