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Niigata cops: Other body parts found in apartment with decapitated corpse

NIIGATA (TR) – Following the discovery of a decapitated corpse in a residence in residence in Kashiwazaki City, police have found other body parts in the same location, reports Fuji News Network (Oct. 22).

According to police, the occupant of the apartment, located about 2 kilometers from JR Kashiwazaki Station, is 48-year-old Kazuo Sato. His whereabouts are unknown.

On Monday, police entered the residence after learning from the management company for the unit that Sato had dropped out of contact.

Officers then found a portion of a human torso — with the head missing — and a right foot inside a storage case placed in a closet near the kitchen.

The body parts  were wrapped in a plastic bag, police said.

In the latest development, police have revealed that investigators found several other body parts in the residence on Wednesday.

Police found pieces of a body in a residence in Kashiwazaki City on Monday (Twitter)

“Was there a foul smell?”

Police also said that the results of an autopsy indicated that the torso and foot belong to a man aged in his 40s to 60s. The man stood about 160 centimeters tall.

The man is believed to have died around six months ago. The cause of death is not known, police added.

The owner of the unit said the management company called police after noticing “something suspicious.” A reporter for Fuji News Network then asked, “Was there a foul smell?” The owner responded, “Yes.”

Police are working to confirm the identity of the body while considering that it is that of Sato. The case is being treated as abandoning a corpse.