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Man, 47, accused of drugging, raping woman met on ‘marriage’ site

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 47-year-old man for allegedly drugging and raping a woman he met online last year, reports NHK (June 11).

In April, Hirofumi Ando, of no known occupation, allegedly forced the woman, aged in her 30s, to consume a drink spiked with a sleeping powder on a road in Tokyo’s Minato Ward.

The suspect then took the woman to a rented room where he is alleged to have sexually assaulted her.

Upon his arrest, Ando generally admitted to the allegations, police said.

Hirofumi Ando (Twitter)

Last October, Ando, a resident of Yokohama City’s Tsurumi Ward, registered with a site for persons interested in konkatsu, or “marriage-seeking activities.” He also falsely claimed that he was aged in his 30s.

When the victim awoke in the rented room the day after the incident, she asked Ando, “What happened?” He responded, “I didn’t do anything.”

After the woman reported the matter to police, what is believed to be a sleeping powder was detected in her system.

Police are now investigating whether the suspect carried out the same crime with other victims.