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Kumamoto: Civic employee used spy cam for illicit filming of school girl

KUMAMOTO (TR) – Kumamoto Prefectural Police have arrested a male civic employee over the alleged illicit filming of a female high school student inside a railway car in Kumamoto City on Tuesday, reports the Mainichi Shimbun (Sept. 18).

At around 7:45 a.m., Yoshitsugu Murakami, a 35-year-old staff member in Kumamoto City’s crisis and disaster management division, used a small camera concealed in a bag to take tosatsu, or voyeur, footage up the skirt of the girl, 16, inside a carriage of Kumamoto Electric Railway’s Fujisaki Line between Kamei and Kita-Kumamoto stations.

Murakami, who has been accused of violating a public nuisance ordinance, admits to the allegations, according to the Kumamoto-Kita Goshi Police Station.

An officer on patrol inside the rail car apprehended Murakami, who was on his way to work.

About one week before, Kumamoto Electric Railway submitted a report to police about a “suspicious man” inside a car during commuting time.