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Hyogo: Woman fatally stabbed in Himeji previously lodged domestic violence claim

HYOGO (TR) – A woman who was fatally stabbed at her apartment in Himeji City on Sunday had previously lodged a domestic violence claim against a man now in custody on suspicion of murder, police said, reports TV Asahi (July 13).

At around 1:30 p.m., a male neighbor, 72, living in the same apartment complex, located in the Shirahamacho Usazakikita area, alerted police about a “woman collapsed.”

Emergency personnel arriving at the scene transported Akane Taguchi, a 24-year-old company employee, from her residence to a hospital where she was confirmed dead.

A blood-stained knife was recovered from the residence, police said.

At around 6:00 p.m., Yuichi Yoshinao, a 36-year-old part-time employee, surrendered at the Kamigyo Police Station in Kyoto City’s Kamigyo Ward. Upon his arrest on suspicion of murder, he admitted to using the knife to stab Taguchi and fleeing to Kyoto.

A man fatally stabbed a woman in Himeji City on Sunday (Twitter)

Collapsed on her back

Taguchi shared the residence with her 6-year-old son. After the incident, the boy rushed to another residence occupied by a 40-year-old Vietnamese woman. “My mother was stabbed,” he said.

At around this time, the male neighbor heard a commotion and went to Taguchi’s unit. When he opened her door, he found her collapsed on her back and bleeding from two wounds to the abdomen.

Taguchi previously alleged she was a victim of domestic violence from Yoshinao. According to Kansai Telecasting (July 13), she consulted with police after He struck her in the face last month. She later withdrew the complaint.

Police are now seeking to learn the circumstances that led to the incident.