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Female NHK staffer accused of threatening married ward assemblyman

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a female contract employee at a subsidiary of broadcaster NHK for allegedly threatening an Itabashi Ward assemblyman, reports the Kobe Shimbun (Dec. 15).

Between December 2 and 14, Miho Goda, a 32-year-old contract employee at NHK Business Create Inc., allegedly attempted to blackmail 37-year-old Shingo Takayama out of 4 million yen.

According to the Shimura Police Station, Goda met Takayama via a deai-kei matchmaking app. She later found out he was married.

“I was so shocked [to learn that he was married] that I wanted compensation,” Goda was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

Miho Goda is a contract employee at NHK Business Create Inc.

According to police, Goda, a resident of Chuo Ward, confronted Takayama via mail after they began dating. “Prove to me that you are married or unmarried,” she wrote. “For making light of me, I’ll sink you beneath the sea. 5 million yen is suitable [compensation].”

On December 14, an officer from the Shimura Police Station apprehended Goda when she arrived at a shop in Shibuya Ward to collect the money from Takayama.

Founded in 1981, NHK Business Create Inc. rents, buys, sells and appraises real estate.