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Brazilian suspected of trafficking marijuana

SHIZUOKA (TR) – Shizuoka Prefectural Police have arrested four persons, including a Brazilian national, who are suspected members of a marijuana trafficking ring, reports Fuji News Network (Mar. 2).

On March 1, Araki Diego Miyano, 25, and three others allegedly possessed 272 grams of marijuana — valued at 1.6 million yen — with intent to sell at a residence in Iwata City.

Police did not reveal whether the suspects admit to the allegations.

Police entered the residence during an investigation into another case involving the sale of 20 grams of marijuana for 100,000 yen last May.

Shizuoka police seized 272 grams of marijuana from a residence in Iwata City on March 1 (Twitter)

During the investigation, police seized marijuana plants from the residence of Miyano in Hamamatsu City.

Police have also arrested five customers of the ring. The operation is believed to use social media to sell marijuana to young people in the western part of the prefecture.

The number of customers is estimated at around 30. Police also seized electronic cigarette cartridges with cannabis oil inside.