The latest crime news from Japan

Tokyo: Man, 34, breaks back of woman in assault in Kinshicho

Suspect does 'not recall' the matter, police said

12 hours ago

Female police officer who left gun, handcuffs in toilet worked at sex parlor

Hyogo police said, 'We will strive to prevent a relapse'

2 days ago

Ginza stylist accused of drugging, sexually assaulting woman

Suspect told police, 'I photographed her upper body while she was nude and touched her chest'

3 days ago

Thailand police: Suspect in ’07 murder of Japanese woman dead

Body of Tomoko Kawashita was found in the city of Sukhothai on November 25, 2007

3 days ago

Hyogo: Police seek help in solving ’07 murder of girl

Mother of Yuzuki Unose said of the attacker, 'I want you to atone for your sins'

3 days ago

French nationals accused of using cocaine in Roppongi club

Both suspects arrived in Japan to watch matches in the Rugby World Cup, police said

3 days ago

Yamaguchi-gumi number-two boss released from prison

Kiyoshi Takayama served a 6-year prison term for extortion

3 days ago

Saitama: Woman, 83, suspected in ¥300 million fraud

Suspect 'does not recall' the matter, police said

3 days ago

Man, 65, accused of threatening harm to chief priest at Yasukuni Shrine

Suspect sought for the priest to urge Emperor Naruhito to make a visit to the shrine

3 days ago

Elderly man not prosecuted for breaking into woman’s residence

Hiromi Ito told police upon his arrest in September, 'I entered the premises, but I did not steal any cash'

3 days ago