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Osaka couple busted for extorting men after love hotel romps

Osaka police have busted a man and woman for allegedly extorting men after romps at love hotels

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police last week arrested a married couple for allegedly extorting men who engaged in trysts with the wife, reports Nikkan Sports (Oct. 18).

On October 18, officers from the Fusei Police Station took Naoji Ishihashi, 46, for extorting 1.5 million yen from a 37-year-old male office worker.

On July 10, the victim emerged from a love hotel in Higashi Osaka with Ishihashi’s wife, Yoshie, 42, who was also arrested. Ishihashi then accosted the man. “What are you doing with my wife?” he reportedly said. “I’ll kill you.”

Ishihashi then demanded that they use the victim’s vehicle to drive to a nearby convenience store. Cash was subsequently withdrawn from the victim’s account with an ATM machine, and a consumer loan was also taken out in the name of the victim.

According to police, Yoshie sought victims through deai-kei “encounter” matchmaking sites. Including two other victims, the pair are believed to have extorted a total of approximately eight million yen.

Both suspects have reportedly admitted to the allegations, saying they did it for the money.

Officers were lead to the suspects via a fingerprint of Ishihashi’s left behind in the office worker’s vehicle.