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Flatfoots follow wanton wives, find flagrant infidelity

Shukan Taishu Apr. 23
Shukan Taishu Apr. 23
In the past, it was usually suspicious wives who hired private detectives to reveal the sordid details of their husbands’ infidelity. But times have indeed changed, and as Shukan Taishu (Apr. 24) reports, a lot of husbands who have been pondering divorce find it practical to retain the services of professional peepers to procure proof that their wives have been cheating on them.

Some of these gumshoes share their experiences with the magazine.

“There was this young wife who rented an apartment not far from her home, where she could go to meet with her lover,” one relates. “She seemed like a pretty straight-laced female, and very attractive. Afterwards we found out she was enjoying a fling with her boss at work, who had already been divorced from two previous wives. We turned over photos and a written report to her husband.

“The husband then confronted her boss, who said to him, ‘My intentions about her are serious. If it’s a matter of money, this is all I can give you,’ and handed him an envelope with 3 million yen. The client decided to divorce her, and she’s now living together with her boss.”

In another case, an attractive married woman in her early 30s had a propensity toward domestic violence, kicking her husband and once bashing him with a frying pan. She was also verbally abusive, but the husband put up with that, until she moved out with their daughter and rented a “weekly manshon.”

One day, the daughter told her father, “Papa, recently when I went to stay with mama there was a man with her, and they did something together while they were naked.”

The husband employed an investigation agency and discovered that his wife was enjoying a fling with her boss at work.

“When we submitted the report to her husband, he sighed and said, ‘Finally I can divorce her.’ Naturally he looked happy,” the detective said.

“We were once asked to look into a suspicious case in which a married woman had used her home as collateral for a loan of two million yen,” Masashi Fukuda, director of the Teikoko Detective Agency in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward, tells Shukan Taishu. “Her husband was a self-employed man in his 50s and she was 10 years younger.

“While petite, the wife has disproportionally large breasts.

“We assigned a tail and found she was making it with a young guy from Hokkaido. As it turned out, the two, both dog lovers, had met via an Internet social media site. They finally met in person at a Tokyo coffee shop, and wound up going to a hotel together.

“Apparently she gave the money she’d borrowed to assist her boyfriend, who was not well off financially.”

Shigeo Awano, director of an Osaka-based investigation agency, tells the magazine of its tailing of a man’s wife to a supermarket, where she had boarded a man’s car in the parking lot.

“They drove to a love hotel. When we told the husband he was infuriated. Then he met his wife’s lover and found that he was a personal friend (of the husband). But when he confronted his wife, she turned on him, saying “You’re such a hopeless incompetent — you’re lousy at your job and even had to hire private detectives to watch me!

“When tailing another wife, a young woman in her 20s, we found out she was working at a hote-toru [a type of underground erotic bathing service operating out of hotels]. When the husband was presented with the evidence, he broke down in tears, blurting out, ‘She does it because my salary is so low!'”

Source: “Tantei wa mita! Okusama-tachi no honnpo furin sekkusu,” Shukan Taishu (April 24, pages 192)