Okinawa police nab 4 American base civilians in drug bust

Okinawa police charged Milton King with importing 28 grams of stimulant drugs from the U.S.
Okinawa police charged Milton King with importing 28 grams of stimulant drugs from the U.S.

OKINAWA (TR) – Okinawa Prefectural Police have arrested four civilians employed at the Kadena Air Base for the import, use and possession of illegal drugs in Okinawa City, reports the Asahi Shimbun (June 1).

According to the Okinawa Police Station, Milton King, a 51-year-old shop employee, allegedly imported 28 grams of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, with a street value of 1.96 million yen from the U.S. via postal mail on April 2.

King admits to the allegations, telling police that he imported the contraband for his personal use.

Ten days later, Brevon Key, a 23-year-old co-worker of King, was found to be in possession of 23 grams of marijuana inside his residence in the Misato area.

As a part of the same case, police also arrested Amina Miyagi, a 31-year-old female acquaintance of King, for the use and possession of stimulant drugs and Jeff Robertson, a 24-year-old restaurant employee, for the possession of marijuana.

All four persons are currently under prosecution.

Simmering tensions

The bust comes two weeks after the arrest of Kenneth Shinzato, a 32-year-old former U.S. Marine also employed at the Kadena Air Base, for dumping the body of Rina Shimabukuro. Shinzato has admitted to the charges. He also confessed to raping and murdering Shimabukuro before abandoning her body.

Tensions in Okinawa had already been simmering over the March 13 arrest of 24-year-old U.S. Navy sailor Justin Castellanos, who is suspected of sexually assaulting a woman in her 40s while she was asleep at a hotel.

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  1. Just get out, US military. We don’t need this here. Okinawans have had more than enough!

  2. If you kick them out what happens to all the japanese people who are married to japanese? Also you never hear the good news about what we do. Like when I saved a japanese when I was in the navy and almost died but you only saw It in a news paper

  3. Your Phillip Simmons? Really?, Bases are not going to leave because Two PX Workers and a BK worker messed up haha. Also, even if they did down size, yes, there would be less bars, Gate 2 would be gone and Tourism would flourish. Also, how the hell would China come here? haha…… Bases leave Okinawa, but there are still bases in Mainland…….. China Attacks Okinawa, USA attacks China…… Done..

    Don’t get all pissy for 4 idiots… damn

  4. You don’t want Americans to leave! China would come and take over this area! Plain n simple.. Plus your economy would plung. We are not all bad Americans!!!

  5. well lets get rid of the Japanese Police also from taking pictures under a girls skirt. it is good to hear everyone complain about the military when ONE of them screws up but never hear all the stories about the good they do. The media is prejudice here in Okinawa and Japan The same crime committed by a local national gets little coverage at all but let it be by military, American, or a foreigner it is top news a lot of the people that are complaining are HYPOCRITES Stop judging everyone by the actions of a few bad people. I have been living in Japan for over 30 years I have been discriminated against for being a GAIJIN but I know it is just a few ignorant people I don’t judge all Japanese by those few bad ignorant people……

  6. So you mean to tell me Okinawans do no wrong? fuck off! there was an okinawan boy early 20’s that murdered an elderly lady that lived less than 2 minutes away from my house less than a year ago. where is the outrage over that? why dont you tell all 20 year olds to leave Okinawa!

  7. You know what’s really messed up about this, look at this news page, the adds are advertising for the Sex industry. So, your people are upset when a few idiots mess up but you will advertise about immorality, fornication, and your females selling their bodies to foreigners, but that don’t bother okinawans? Sounds like Hypocricy to me!!

  8. I have read some comments on here from the sex industry to the economy. Crime is the topic. In Okinawa it is the crimes that lately are the topics of many news articles which begs the question. Why do we need so many U.S. contractors on Okinawa when the contracting jobs should be going back to the Japanese specifically the Okinawan born Japanese? Please understand while a retired MSgt can live on Okinawa without work they still can make upwards of 20-25 dollars for a manual labor job on the base that a person of Japanese decent could accomplish.. Usually the argument against local Japanese having base jobs involves security concerns. I would refer anyone with these concerns to attempt to get on a base in Okinawa and see who is checking your credentials.. That’s right it’s a local. So if a local can check your I.D. what can’t he or she do? The fact is locals work for less money than their American counterparts and provide less problems.. I saw some people had security concerns for Japan with regard to a Chinese invasion if the bases were not in Okinawa as a deterrent.. It has been in the news that Clarke AFB P.I. is getting busier. It is also a know fact that America has bases in Mainland Japan and works with other surrounding militaries; all this while the Japanese military is building it’s self up. Does America need over 7 bases on the tiny island? I hope Okinawa stands up for Native Japanese.

    For every bad story we can try to counter it with a good one or we can look at the facts and analyze and ask why???

  9. General public never gets to read about the many crimes hit and runs, assaults, rapes, attempted manslaughters committed daily by Japanese against foreigners that the authorities cover up, justice denied, such a hypocritical nation.

    • If Japan had bases in America and the Japanese were running amuck the shoe would be on the other foot??? Oh you honestly believe the American media would put the faults of America first…

  10. You stupid Japs. Who will protect you against North Korea if we leave? If North Korea decides to attack your lame ass country you would begging for the US to protect you.

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