Aichi cops nab Nagoya man in theft of women’s underwear

Police found 99 women's undergarments in the home of the suspect
Police found 99 women’s undergarments in the home of the suspect

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police have arrested a 67-year-old man believed to be behind a series of women’s underwear thefts in Nagoya, Nippon News Network (April 22).

On March 7, Meguo Ninomiya allegedly trespassed into the residence of a 86-year-old woman, located in Minami Ward, and stole two undergarments airing out to dry in the garden.

Ninomiya, who has been charged with theft, admits to the allegations. “I have an interest in women’s underwear,” the suspect is quoted by police.

Police suspect that Ninomiya is behind a number of similar crimes that have taken place in the same area over the past two years.

A search of the residence of the suspect by police revealed 99 women’s undergarments.

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  1. He’s an amateur. A good underwear thief gets freshly worn underwear that hasn’t been washed yet.

    • Totally concur with Marcux69! Some Japanese men and boys are totally obsessed with sexually eroticizing women’s underwear. It’s neat how Japanese law enforcement authorities segregate and displays the women’s panties and bras as evidence for the media. I’m sure some of the Japanese investigators love this part of their job.

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