6 participants in Roppongi beating death receive suspended sentences

Ex-Kanto Rengo members were arrested for last year's beating death in Roppongi
Ex-Kanto Rengo leader Taichi Ishimoto faces manslaughter charges

TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo District Court on Friday handed down suspended prison sentences to six men involved in last year’s beating death of a restaurant manager in the Roppongi entertainment area, reports TV Asahi (Aug. 9).

The six men, including one member of the defunct Kanto Rengo bosozoku biker gang, received sentences of one year and six months, suspended for four years, for assembling the baseball bats and assisting in the attack of 31-year-old Ryosuke Fujimoto.

Early on September 2, a group of 10 men in ski masks and armed with metal bats arrived at club Flower and assaulted Fujimoto, who was drinking in the club’s VIP room with a party of five or six persons.

The suspects were seen fleeing the scene in two vans at 3:45 a.m. Fujimoto suffered substantial head injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital, where he died one hour and 20 minutes later.

The trials for nine other suspects facing manslaughter charges have not yet begun.

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  1. Now if a group of NIgerians had done the same, what do you think the sentence would be? Sure wouldn’t be suspended.

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