Woman’s boyfriend takes dagger to depraved deri heru boss

The boyfriend of a woman seeking employment at a "delivery health" outlet attacked the proprietor over an interview that he deemed inappropriate
The boyfriend of a woman seeking employment at a “delivery health” outlet attacked the proprietor over an interview that he deemed inappropriate

Last week, a 25-year-old man tracked down the boss of a deri heru (out-call sex) service in Shibuya Ward. While shouting “How dare you treat my woman that way! I’ll kill you!” he then stabbed the proprietor in the abdomen. An employee of the business was also injured.

According to Nikkan Gendai, the assailant was infuriated by the “interview” the proprietor had given his regular squeeze.

The source of his indignation was the blog provided on the service’s web site, in which female employees post various comments.

“As ‘training for fellatio,’ the man who interviewed me for the job demanded I suck him off on the spot,” one had posted. “And he shot off in my mouth. Then at the end another man came in and said, ‘Now, we will conduct hands-on training.’ He made me shower with him, give him oral sex and sumata (labial intercourse without actual penetration).”

She also wrote, “He asked me which position I liked doing it the most, and on the pretense of teaching me the job, escorted me to the ‘office’ [actually the boss’ apartment], where I had to screw him.

“The interview with the boss took place in a room in a condo, with the futon bedding already laid out,” her post continues. “The owner of the company pulled off his trousers and told me I had to blow him and let him do sumata. He ejaculated in my mouth. His wife was right there watching during the whole thing.”

At least, notes Nikkan Gendai, these job candidates apparently received a stipend for dispensing these sexual services. Perhaps, the writer comments tongue in cheek, the boyfriend might not have gone on the rampage if he had known his lady friend had received remuneration for her efforts.

Source: “Mensetsu taiken burogu kara wakaru fuzokujo no ‘koshu'” Nikkan Gendai(Apr. 7, page 7)

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