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Saitama: Men in clown masks burglarize popular ramen shop

SAITAMA (TR) – Thieves in clown masks broke into a popular ramen shop in Kumagaya City, footage of which was shown by Fuji News Network (Apr. 29).

In the footage, three thieves — two of whom are wearing the masks — enter the branch of Junk Garage. After one thief uses a crowbar to break a safe open in the office, he pulls out a wad of cash that represented two days’ worth of takings.

The caper required a mere 6 minutes. One thief entered the premises after breaking a window. He then made his way to the entrance, smashed a security camera and let in his cohorts.

“It’s a sturdy safe, but it’s worn out,” said shop manager Naoto Ohara. “There is a sensor inside, but it feels like [the thieves] aimed at it and punched it out. It would have taken a big blow. I’m surprised. I didn’t think a safe that big could be broken into.”

A thief in a clown mask broke into ramen shop Junk Garage in Kumagaya City (Twitter)

Fat, cheese, garlic

Junk Garage has 19 outlets in Saitama Prefecture. It is known for its soup-less ramen topped with a raw egg. Other popular ingredients include pork fat, cheese, garlic and spicy mayonnaise.

The shop, which reported the matter to police, had experienced a decline in customers due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

“I can only be angry,” Ohara added. “The money [taken] was received from customers who came in this [coronavirus] situation. So I was very angry and angry that [they] took that important money.”

Ohara said the thieves carried out a “double punch,” but assured he would persevere. “Junk Garage can’t lose for the sake of our customers,” he said. “We would like to continue operating in the future.”