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Priest hints at ‘enlightenment’ after decapitated corpses of wife, son found

HOKKAIDO (TR) – A priest accused of mutilating the two corpses of his wife and son at their residence in Sapporo has hinted at experiencing “enlightenment” when questioned by Hokkaido Prefectural Police regarding a motive for the crime, investigative sources have revealed, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Aug. 31).

Masahito Nagaoka rambled somewhat incomprehensibly during questioning following the discovery of the decapitated bodies of his wife, 58-year-old Konomi, son, 19-year-old Chikara, in their residence in Toyohira Ward last week.

“As a result of job stress, I couldn’t sleep,” said Nagaoka, according to the sources. “Due to a chronic disease in my lower back, I could not sit seiza-style” — on the knees with feet tucked under the thighs — “and my work suffered.”

Regarding a motive, Nagaoka mentioned that “enlightenment opened” before him.

Nagaoka’s incomprehensible responses have led police to examine whether the suspect has the mental capability to be be held criminally responsible in the case while also questioning him on suspicion of murder.

Masahito Nagaoka
Masahito Nagaoka (Twitter)


On August 25, Nagaoka visited a police station in the ward to report that the bodies of two relatives were inside his residence. “I came to pay for the crime,” he said.

Officers arriving at the building found the bodies of the suspect’s wife and son with stab wounds in the bathroom. The results of autopsies revealed that both persons died due to suffocation, the sources said.

The heads of the corpses had been removed with a knife. It is believed the bodies were mutilated after death, according to the sources.

Early on August 26, police arrested Nagaoka on suspicion of abandoning and mutilating a corpse. Police believe the crimes were committed on August 24 and 25.