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Osaka man who admits to live-streaming sex with teen girls handed suspended sentence

Taketomo Ochi
Taketomo Ochi (Twitter)

OSAKA (TR) – The Osaka District Court last week handed a suspended sentence to a 37-year-old man who admitted to broadcasting footage of him engaging in more than 1,000 illicit acts with hundreds women, including teenage girls, on a live streaming site, reports the Mainichi Broadcasting System (Sept. 13).

The court described the actions of Taketomo Ochi, a resident of Naniwa Ward, as “malignant” in handing him a two-year prison term, suspended for three years.

“In contacting multiple women, including girls under 13 years of age, by using words so they did not seem suspicious about the work was clever and malignant,” the judge said.

Ochi was specifically accused of soliciting a high school girl to be filmed performing acts deemed obscene for a broadcast on the site FC2 Live, a pay-to-view service.

280 women

According to a previous report, Ochi admitted to performing with about 280 women, many of whom were middle and high school students, on 1,678 occasions over the past year. Police questioned at least 17 women, aged between 15 and 24, in the case.

In recruiting women, the defendant utilized social-networking services whereby he claimed to offer payment of a 100,000 yen per day for “work that was better than that a sex parlor.”

Since beginning the broadcasts four years ago, Ochi collected about 20 million yen in revenue.

On May 21, police first arrested Ochi on charges of public indecency over a broadcast. He was subsequently re-arrested in June in the solicitation case.