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Osaka cops: Woman kills baby girl by repeatedly throwing her on floor

Hiromi Nasu
Osaka police have accused Hiromi Nasu in the death of her infant girl

OSAKA (TR) – A woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her infant girl by repeatedly throwing her on the floor, causing a head fracture and brain hemorrhage, reports NHK (Mar. 13).

Osaka Prefectural Police on Monday arrested Hiromi Nasu, 30, on charges of murder in the killing of her 9-month-old baby, Yuzuha. The suspect, who has three kids with her husband, told police her “mind and body was worn out from looking after three babies, and my stress exploded,” according to TV Asahi (Mar. 11).

She initially claimed Yuzuha fell off her baby bed onto the floor of her apartment in Osaka’s Asahi Ward in January. Yuzuha was taken to a hospital where her death was confirmed six days later.

However, she later changed story. “I’m the one who killed her,” the mother was quoted as saying by TBS News (Mar. 11).

Police suspected child abuse after finding the baby had a head fracture and brain hemorrhage. In admitting to the crime, Nasu said she “lifted my child really high and dropped her to the floor.” She added that she “grabbed her sleeping baby’s clothes and dropped her on her back two, three times.”

The woman confessed to the crime to her husband early this month during a Buddhist ceremony marking the 49th day of her baby’s death, before turning herself over to authorities.

Police are investigating the details of the case, including her child-rearing situation.