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Osaka cops nab man who pimped prostitute to ‘500 customers a month’

Joto Police Station
Joto Police Station

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have re-arrested a 35-year-old man for allegedly brokering prostitution for multiple women, one of whom claims to have served hundreds of men each month, reports the Sankei Shimbun (May 18).

In March and April, Yuji Kameyama allegedly dispatched three female prostitutes, aged between 17 and 23, to perform to engage in sex with male customers at hotels.

Kameyama, who has been charged with running a prostitution business, denies the allegations. “They entered into prostitution on their own,” the suspect is quoted. One other person was also arrested in the case.

The women, who were recruited via Internet bulletin boards, lived in the suspect’s residence, located in Joto Ward. One woman, 23, told police that she “served around 500 customers a month.”

In April, police first arrested Kameyama on the same charges for similar crimes that took place last year. This case came to light in November, when a 19-year-old girl under control of the suspect visited the Joto Police Station to lodge a complaint. A subsequent search of the suspect’s residence revealed three girls, including a 17-year-old.

It is believed that Kameyama retained the majority, if not all, of the earnings of the women.

In the latest case, all three women said that they could not run away because Kameyama “was frightening.”