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Japanese-Brazilian woman arrested in case of mutilated body found in Tokyo locker

Yuri Oishi
Yuri Oishi

OSAKA (TR) – A Japanese-Brazilian woman who is to face a number of criminal charges related to the discovery of the mutilated body of a female acquaintance in Tokyo nearly three years ago arrived in Osaka from China on Wednesday, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Jan. 24).

On a flight from Shanghai to Kansai International Airport, police arrested Yuri Oishi, 32, for allegedly defrauding Rika Okada, a 29-year-old nurse from Osaka’s Nishinari Ward.

The body of Okada was found in a storage locker in Tokyo’s Hachioji City on May 21, 2014 after it had been shipped in a two-meter-long box marked “doll.” Okada had gone missing in March of that same year.

Okada’s body was riddled with dozens of stab wounds, none of which were delivered to the hands, which has led investigators to believe that a struggle did not take place and most of blows were delivered after she was dead.

A search of Okada’s residence resulted in the discovery of blood which a DNA analysis proved to be a match for the victim, previous news reports said.

Thus far, Oishi has been charged with fraud in the theft of Okada’s credit card and the receiving of another one in Okada’s name. According to earlier media reports, the fees for the delivery of Okada’s body from Osaka to Tokyo and the rental of the locker were made in the name of the victim.

Osaka Prefectural Police had previously taken out warrants for the arrest of Oishi on charges of murder-robbery.

Oishi is believed to have lived near the storage locker in Hachioji. On May 3, she left Haneda Airport with a female Chinese acquaintance for Shanghai with a passport in Okada’s name.

On May 27, 2014, Oishi was taken into custody for illegal entry in Shanghai after she appeared at the Japanese consulate-general.

Upon arrival at the airport, Oishi, who attended elementary school with Okada, indicated that she had “nothing to say” about the matter.