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High-end Osaka hostess club accused of tax evasion

Kita Shinchi, May, 2014
Kita Shinchi, May, 2014 (Tokyo Reporter)

OSAKA (TR) – The Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau has charged the former manager of a high-end hostess club in the Kita Shinchi entertainment area with tax evasion, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Aug. 7).

According to the indictment filed with the Osaka District Court on Friday, Naoko Hayashi, the 52-year-old ex-manager of club Jumeirah, failed to pay 57.7 million yen out of 83.2 million yen in taxes withheld for salaries of hostesses over a three-year period ending in May of last year.

Jumeirah, which employs approximately 50 hostesses, opened in March of 2006. Charges to enter the club begin at 50,000 yen.