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Aichi cops: Man stomps 2 cats to death after losing bets on horses

A man was caught on camera stomping and killing two cats (TV Asahi)
A man in Nagoya was caught on camera stomping and killing two cats (TV Asahi)

AICHI (TR) – A man was caught on security camera stomping and killing two cats to vent his frustration after suffering gambling losses in Nagoya, reports TV Asahi (Apr. 25).

The 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of violating the Animal Protection Law and referred to prosecutors for allegedly killing the cats on a street in Atsuta Ward at around 2 a.m. on April 5.

The suspect has admitted to the charges. “I wanted to take my mind off losing at horse racing,” the suspect was quoted by NHK (Apr. 25)

Security camera footage shows the man encountering a cat lying on the street and stomping it, causing the startled feline to flee. The cats were being kept by a man running a business in the neighborhood.

“I have no words after seeing the cold body, it’s just a shame and there’s nothing that can be done about it,” the male owner said. “I’ve been struggling with how I should vent my anger at him, even though it’s been a few days now. Even now, I haven’t really processed my feelings.”

After finding the corpses of the cats, the owner examined his shop’s security camera footage and saw the suspect assaulting the animals.

The day after the incident, the owner ambushed the suspect when he showed up at around the same time and held him down before handing him over to police.

“They do say that acts of harming animals are a gateway to crime, and I just can’t forgive him for killing my beloved cats,” the owner said.