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Kyoto man convicted of threatening woman repeats act upon release

Otoko Ochimori
Otoko Ochimori has been arrested twice for hurling insults at the same woman

KYOTO (TR) – When Otoko Ochimori was arrested for the first time for threatening a female neighbor in Kyoto, among the things he was accused of saying was: “I’ll never forgive you, ya hear me? I’m going to resent you forever.” Based on the latest developments, he is indeed living up to those words.

Kyoto Prefectural Police have arrested Ochimori, 64, for threatening the same neighbor, 69, after a previous conviction for repeatedly hurling verbal abuse at her, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (Apr. 13).

In February, police arrested Ochimori, a resident of Yamashina Ward, for showering the woman with insults immediately after emerging from Kyoto District Court where he received a criminal conviction with a suspended sentence for the threats he made in November 2016.

In the latest case, the suspect allegedly told the woman in a local dialect: “I ain’t ever gonna forgive you, you hear me? Remember that, you old hag. As if I’m ever going to forgive you. I don’t care if I go to jail.”

Ochimori denies the latest charges. “I had no intention of hurting the woman, and I also never threatened her,” he said.

A neighbor contradicts the claims of Ochimori, telling the broadcaster, which did not reveal the source of the ongoing friction, that the suspect continued the abuse for at least three days. “He started ranting about how he doesn’t care if he gets a [another] suspended sentence or whatever, and how he’ll haul himself over to prison or wherever,” the neighbor said, who added that the suspect referred to the victim as an “old hag” and accused her of reporting him to police on 130 occasions.