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Defense ministry dismisses ex-MSDF ship captain over management of sex business

TOKYO (TR) – The Ministry of Defense on Tuesday announced the dismissal of a former ship captain in the Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF) after it emerged that he was running a so-called “delivery health” business.

According to the ministry, Tetsuya Morita, 55, managed the business, which targets female customers, over a 10 year period, according to Kyodo News (Mar. 10).

At the Budget Committee of the lower house of the Diet last month, Morita said that he registered the out-call business in the name of his wife and set up its web site in February, 2010.

“I wanted to earn extra income,” Morita said. “I thought that using my wife’s name would keep this part-time work from getting exposed. I am reflecting upon my actions, which have undermined the public’s confidence in the MSDF.”

The ministry previously said that Morita was transferred from his post as captain of training vessels to a headquarters position at a facility in Yokosuka City.

In the past, Morita served as captain of the escort vessel Yamayuki and the supply vessel Masyu.

Tetsuya Morita (Twitter)

Leaked information

Morita is believed to have conducted various activities connected to the business, including updating its web site, in secret while on duty.

As well, it was learned that Morita disclosed information, such as the departures and arrivals of ships he commanded, to female customers.

Taro Kono, who is the Minister of Defense, said, “It is extremely problematic. As well, I would like to apologize to [MDSF] members and the citizens [of Japan].”