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Vienna sex school welcomes Japanese exchange students

Jitsuwa Taiho February
Jitsuwa Taiho February
Squeeze a lady’s breasts too firmly, or try thrusting all four fingers into her vagina, and you’re doing a lousy job of arousing her. After you’ve moaned and ejaculated, she’s likely to complain saying, “It seems you’ve been watching too many adult videos.”

Fortunately or unfortunately, for all too many of today’s males, initiation to the wonders of human procreation comes via viewing adult videos. In which impressionable cherry boys watch the male studs performing for the camera and suppose such treatment is what a woman craves. Or, they simply come to the conclusion that the ultimate objective of the sex act is to ejaculate, leading to a chasm between what men provide and women desire.

A Japanese reporter for Jitsuwa Taiho (February) travels to Austria, to report on an unnamed school in Vienna that supposedly instructs students in the arts of sex.

“Anyone over the age of 16 can enter,” he tells the magazine. “The charge for 200 hours of instruction is 1,400 euros (about 150,000 yen). The curriculum includes hands-on practice, so if you go there expecting to get laid you won’t be disappointed.”

The school also includes a co-educational dormitory, and the “student” was delighted to find a cute female classmate in the neighboring room.

In fact, even the principal of the school encourages this, saying, “Classmates who form friendships and study together become (sex) partners who practice on each other.”

The principal expressed his wish that Japanese females would matriculate at his institution.

“Overseas, Japanese females have the image of being cute and polite, and it’s said they are compliant and easily seduced. Certainly foreign men, even when they are unappealing to women in their own countries, make out like crazy when they come to Japan.”

Is there any chance Japanese ladies would enroll in such a course? And if so, what types are most likely? Those with a strong interest in things foreign? Or just horny middle aged gals overflowing with lust?

Previously in Japan, a school for aspiring male AV performers was opened. It featured lectures by AV actresses who provided the students with instruction in various showbiz techniques. Unfortunately it failed to attract enough students and went out of business. Jitsuwa Taiho expresses its hope that the school in Vienna does not fall into the same rut. (K.S.)

Source: “Etchi no sakuho wo shido? SEX Gakko no jugyo naiyo,” Jitsuwa Taiho (February, page 162)