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The exquisitely carnal pleasures of a Golden Week motor trip

Shukan Taishu May 7-14
Shukan Taishu May 7-14
“There are too damn many of these outrageous people incurring on our oasis!” explodes a 45-year-old tank truck driver to Shukan Taishu (May 7-14). He’s upset because the parking area where he and his fellow drivers pull off the road to doze and relax is being turned into a “sex haven.”

“Last year’s Golden Week was particularly awful,” he continues. “A lot more of my mates were sleeping in their trucks to save money, and the parking lots were crammed full of regular passenger car drivers and their girlfriends who were getting it on in their cars. One reason is that there’s this service area (he names one located on the Tomei Expressway in Shizuoka Prefecture) with access to an onsen (mineral hot springs) so people just take a bath and then sleep in their car.

“We can’t see anything because they have curtains on their windows, but we can hear the women moaning and saying stuff like, ‘Go in deep, all the way,’ and so on.”

The aforesaid hot springs has also taken on the characteristics of an amusement park, which attracts lots of young couples. The 53-year-old driver of a sightseeing bus tells the magazine: “Well, it’s also got a planetarium and Ferris wheel. Lots of the young couples who spend the day together get it on right on the bus. And since there are no curtains, people can see in too.”

“I even saw these two university students doing 69 on each other on the long seat in the back,” the driver continues. “The guide on our bus was blushing red all the way to her ears.”

A 39-year old driver of a refrigerated truck claims he can beat that: While at the rest area off the Chuo Expressway en route to Yamanashi Prefecture, he pulled up behind two passenger minivans that were parked unusually close to each other.

“That struck me as strange,” he relates. “And I saw that both of the cars were jiggling on their springs, and it was then I noticed that the cars on the left and right were situated so that their doors were open on the sides facing each other.

“After watching them for a while, I saw a completely naked woman who looked to be around 30 jump from the car on the right into the one on the left. A moment later a slender, attractive girl with dyed auburn hair jumped from the car on the left to the one on the right. Not long afterward both vehicles started bouncing on their suspensions again…”

Susumu Matsuyama, a writer covering the sex business, tells the magazine, “There are ‘kappuru kissa’ (swapping coffee shops) for couples in the city, but not in the countryside. So people who meet up on the Internet want to meet up at some isolated place and a service area fills the bill. First they perform sex with each other looking on, and then if things click, they swap partners.”

So if you pull off the road during Golden Week motor trip, you’d best be prepared for anything, Shukan Taishu warns.

Source: “Kosoku doro SA ga ‘SEX Tengoku’ ni natte iru!!” (Shukan Taishu, May 7-14, page 214)