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Moonlighting gals augment income with part-time whoopie

Shukan Taishu Sep. 21
Shukan Taishu Sep. 21
Many Japanese companies, increasingly unable to give their staff raises or pay out semiannual bonuses due to the business downturn, have given the green light to permitting their workers to moonlight. The one exception being civil servants. But that hasn’t stopped females in the Japanese military from making a little on the side.

Shukan Taishu (Sep. 21) reports of a woman in the Ground Self-Defense Force who had obtained a license to drive a heavy-duty truck transporting hazardous materials.

She was already aware that her male colleagues often patronized sex shops outside the base, and decided she wanted in on the action. Once day as a soldier bounced beside her in the truck cab, she grasped a cylindrical object, slid her hand along it in a vigorous up and down motion, and jokingly suggested she provide him with a friendly hand job at the affordable price of 3,000 yen. He readily agreed.

“Word got around, and on some days I was getting off six guys a day,” she chuckles. “Nobody ever caught on.”

Meanwhile the 27-year-old secretary of the president of a small company in the private sector was astonished when her boss pleaded with her to volunteer for a night raid and sleep with the aging chairman of a major account.

In the parlance of commerce, this sort of thing is referred to as nikudan settai, or “human bullet entertainment.”

“He pressed his palms together in front of him and said to me, ‘The kaicho (chairman) really likes you. And if we don’t land the contract, our company’s in trouble.'”

As an incentive, he slipped her ten 10,000 yen notes from his wallet.

“After it was over, the chairman gave me 100,000 yen as well,” she says. “So in one night I made more than my monthly take-home pay. And after that, from time to time he would invite me out.”

Her stipend each time was 100,000 yen.

“He’d get me in bed and slobber all over me with his tongue, including licking my anus,” she giggles. “When he was finally satiated he’d stick it in, but he always finished up pretty quickly. Said the Viagra made him come faster.

“But hey, that was no problem for me.”

Source: “Josei jieikan dake ja nai, hataraku onesan no ‘fukugyo SEX,'” Shukan Taishu (Sep. 21, page 178)

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