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Mari Yaguchi fling bringing affairs by housewives to forefront

Josei Seven June 27
Josei Seven June 27
In May, weekly tabloid Josei Seven reported on the illicit affair involving former Morning Musume singer Mari Yaguchi.

According to the article, the fling surfaced after Yaguchi’s then husband, 27-year-old actor Masaya Nakamura, arrived home one day in February and discovered his wife in the company of Kenzo Umeda, a 25-year-old model — an awkward moment that led to their divorce on May 30.

For its June 27 issue, the same magazine says that various factors are leading more women to engage in adultery.

In 2010, Shukan Post surveyed 2,041 married women, of whom 29.6 percent said they had cheated on their husbands.

“There is a friend of mine at work. She is a mother, and is dating a guy about 12 years younger than her,” says a part-time employed female in her 50s. “PTA is a good excuse for being home late when one has date plans. The kids also won’t be home due to after school programs. Their husbands also take advantage of their absences by going out drinking. Thus, it goes unnoticed.”

A housewife in her 40s saw the mother of her second’s son’s classmate walking around with a guy. “I thought he was her husband,” she says. “But when I greeted him, she said, ‘Please don’t tell this to my family.’ I didn’t know what was going on. But then I understood. It can happen anywhere.”

There are a number of reasons. Women are continuing to work after getting married, and social-networking services, like Facebook and Twitter, are allowing for encounters to occur easily. Plus, women earning a fair bit of money can come up with creative excuses for not being around, and they also probably have enough cash for love hotels.

As with Yaguchi, the magazine says that more women are inviting their lovers to their homes.

“I know housewives who are doing this,” says writer Mika Naito. “Due to the prolonged recession spending is down. It’s not like the ‘bubble’ era, when couples would have a nice dinner and then go to a city hotel. Guys also have no money because they are young. So, this leads to women bringing boys home.”

Josei Seven says that inviting a guy home for sex on the sofa or bed — furniture typically utilized by her family, notably her husband — must imply some sort of revenge.

“I have a friend who brings a guy to her home,” says a woman in her 40s. “It seems like the liaisons are payback for her husband’s previous affair. Doing it with the new guy on the bed gets her aroused due to the pangs of guilt that well up inside. That feeling subsides later, once she has sprayed around air freshener. She said that it’s kind of funny that she feels that way. For men, it is impossible for them to bring ladies to their own homes.”

Source: “Hitozuma ga ‘uchi kuru?’ to otoko wo jitaku ni yobi ‘Iku!’ rei ga zokachu,” Josei Seven (June 27)